Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Place!

Our New Place in Caledonia, WI

I am soo excited that we got the keys to our new place this weekend. We are renting this home but we are soooo happy to be out of an apartment. The house is a two bedroom one bath with a garage. The house has been completely remodeled so we have all new counters, appliances, flooring, etc. Its really nice and the kitchen ROCKS! Jeff is happy with a great size garage he can tinkers with his truck in or just escape to. I will attach more pictures but they do not include the garage and laundry room. We just got two brand new front loader high efficient washer and dryer which is the only appliance we had to buy. As you can tell I am supper excited because I keep rambling about it. I hope everyone can come and visit us in a couple weeks when we are settled!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our First Vacation!

It has been almost a month since we have been on our cruise but I wanted to let everyone know how it went. First off, we had an AMAZING time! I cannot wait to go on vacation again with my love! This was the first trip Jeff and I have taken together just us two.

We sta
rted in Florida on Monday and set sail from there. We were on the Ocean the whole first day then arrived in Labadee, Haiti on Wednesday morning. The picture above is Jeff and I on our "Party boat" going to a sandbar in Haiti. I don't think any of my pictures did the water was SOOO BLUE AND BREATHE TAKING! We loved our time in Haiti.

The next day we d
ocked in Flamouth, Jamaica for the day. From there we took a bamboo ride through the Martha Brea River. We also took a short shuttle ride around the town to see its history and poverty. We loved the bamboo ride and shopping at Jamaica but we could not do much more there because there was no beach and the town was dangerous. Still Jamaica is very welcoming and an exciting place to have visited.